Counter MatIf you are looking for custom imprinted Counter Mats, you have found the right place. We manufacture counter mats and sell them directly to you. No middleman. You can be assured that you are getting a high-quality product without paying a high price. So whether you need hard surface or soft surface, full color or spot color, waterproof or cleanable; we have the answer. We promise to work with you on your counter mat project from the beginning until it is delivered to your door, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Counter Mats are great Point of Purchase advertising. They can create brand awareness at the Point-Of-Purchase and are a highly visible, cost-effective advertising medium. Next time you go anywhere take notice of how many businesses have capitalized on this space.

Check out our incredibly low, wholesale pricing and call us or email us with any questions. We would love to hear from you.

Hard Surface mousepads
We are often asked if a mouse pad and a counter mat are the same. That question can be answered "yes" and "no". Soft surface sublimated counter mats are exactly the same as their smaller mousepad counterpart. You start with a white polyester surface adhered to high quality rubber, and you dye the surface using a unique process called Sublimation. The only difference here would be the size of the pad.

Hard surface counter mats are a little different. Depending on their use, you can produce these exactly the way you produce a hard surface mouse pad, or, if you need a more durable and waterproof mat, you can substitute the imprinted middle layer with a high quality Polystyrene. The Polystyrene increases the quality and durability of the mat, but it also increases the cost. We will always give you a choice even in smaller quantities. We believe it is important to let you know what you are getting and help you in choosing the right product for your needs.

Need more information...
Wondering what Sublimation really is. There really is a simple explanation to this very tricky process. Don't be fooled by other counter mats that have had a simple heat transfer applied to them. They will never have the soft touch, durability and color vibrancy that a sublimated counter mat has.   Read more..

Sublimation Mouse pads

Need someone to listen to your needs.

We are experts at making your ideas work out because we not only hear you, we listen. We will work with your deadlines, your art departments, your frustrations and your goals to make your counter mats the best ever.    
We promise.
Counter Mat Hint:
If a color match is absolutely essential consider a Hard Surface Counter Mat. Because of the nature of Sublimation, an exact color match can be very difficult to achieve. A Hard Surface Counter mat can also be easier to keep clean.
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